Being God’s Beloved – Final Announcement

Dear Friends

I am so excited that in just a few days (Thursday this week) we’ll be starting Being God’s Beloved. I have been blessed in preparing the reflections – my own knowing that God loves us has become a much deeper knowing. You know what I mean? Like, knowing for sure in my bones that I am God’s beloved, that you are God’s beloved, that we all are much loved by God.

The first post will fly on Thursday morning, and then daily thereafter (except for Wednesdays when we have the Being God’s Beloved talks at St Martins – I’ll podcast a video of these talks on Thursday or Friday). I do encourage you to try to read them daily, so that you immerse yourself, over a full 40 days, in God’s love.

I also encourage you to share these with others – share them to your own Facebook page (for that, you need to go to my blog by clicking on the title of the blog and you’ll the Facebook button at the bottom of each blog) or forward this email to friends. Encourage them to sign up to follow the blog too.

A warm welcome to the many new people who have signed up over the past couple of weeks in preparation for Being God’s Beloved. It is wonderful to have you in this little community of people reflecting on God’s love! I hope that you God will nourish your soul.

Much love in Christ