My eyes have seen

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Today we celebrate the festival of the presentation of our Lord at the temple, in Luke 2:22-40. For Simeon, encountering the infant Christ was the pinnacle of his life, and so he says, “Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you may now dismiss your servant in peace, for my eyes have seen your salvation.” Seeing or encountering Christ is the high-point of our lives; everything else is a bonus, icing on the cake. Let us remember our first encounter with Christ, and put the rest of our life in perspective.

Featured image: “Simeon’s song of praise” by Arent de Gelder (1700-1710), from

4 thoughts on “My eyes have seen

  1. Genevieve Geekie says:

    Good morning, dear Adrian

    As a child, this was my favourite account in the scriptures.

    Now, with a grandson named Luke Colin, (a rare gift to a 44-year old mother, my daughter, Caroline), it remains an account that is very special to me.

    Thanks, Adrian.




  2. edingight says:

    Where DO you find your wonderful accompanying pictures. They add so much to your words.

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    • Thanks! I search for them on the internet. I usually have something in mind and then use that to generate keywords. I really love this painting by Gelder. Although Simeon would have seen Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the light, Gelder paints the background black, so that the focus is on Simeon, Jesus and Mary. Joseph can be only-just seen in the background. This really brings our attention to the centre – the Christ child – and emphasises the light of Christ in the darkness. I just love it! Much love, Adrian


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