Faith journey

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How is your faith life? How are you doing in your relationship with God?

We are all on a journey of faith. Luke presents it to us like this in Luke 9:51-62 and Paul does so in Galatians 5:13-25. Journeys are typically not straight forward lines. They go up and down and round about. Journeys are messy. And our journey of faith is no different. My own journey looks more like a bowl of spaghetti than a box of spaghetti!

In this message, I unpack three facets of this journey from our two readings for today:

  1. Jesus is quite chilled about our journey. He adopts a ‘take it or leave it’ stance. He desires us to journey with him, but he will not force or coerce us.
  2. Jesus is quite demanding about our journey. He wants a total commitment from us. He has high expectations of us.
  3. Holy Spirit journeys with us, enabling us, strengthening and filling us. We are not on this journey alone. We live with, are led by and keep in step with the Spirit.

On this day, and during this coming week, I’d love you to reflect more deeply and deliberately on our faith journey with God.


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2 thoughts on “Faith journey

  1. Wendy Mpako says:

    Thank you Prof, this was such a powerful message. I really resonated with the part where you disclosed that after giving your life to christ you thought all was going to be smooth. On the contrary there are many speed bumps. I have since learnt to let the holy spirit lead me and have faith that stormy seasons wil pass. Have a blessed new month


    • Thanks so much Wendy. The challenges that we face in life, while hard, do also teach us that God is steadfast and faithful. We can rely on him. He is a stable rock. Blessings as you navigate the currently stormy waters in your environment. Adrian


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