Being God’s Beloved: Talk 1: Who is Your God?

On Wednesday 12 March, we started the series of five talks on the theme of “Being God’s Beloved” at St Martin’s Anglican Church in Irene, South Africa. The first talk asks the question “Who is your God?” and gives attention to the essence of the Triune God and the creation of humanity. The 21 minute was part of a one-hour programme, involving prayer, small group discussion and large group feedback.

4 thoughts on “Being God’s Beloved: Talk 1: Who is Your God?

  1. Anneke says:

    Thank you …..


  2. Masauko Sulamoyo says:

    Great piece of teaching, I’m truly blessed to be in fellowship with God @ St Martins community. Thanks Adrian & Father Aaron & those who have extended their hands to bring about this Lenten Course.


  3. Dear Masauko, we are likewise blessed by your fellowship and your writing. I’m delighted that you feel part of a community here at St Martins. Blessings, Adrain


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