Being God’s Beloved – Announcement

Dear Friends

I am excited to announce a 40-day devotional, starting on Thursday 6 March, called Being God’s Beloved. This will run for six days each week through Lent, finishing on Holy Saturday (19 April). Each day you’ll receive a short reflection on an aspect of God’s love for all of us and for you in particular. It is my hope and prayer that you will find your relationship with God deepening and maturing during this time, as you immerse yourself in the warm and extravagant love of God for you. If you are following my blog, emails with the posts will come directly into your email inbox. You can also access them on the blog right here or from my Facebook page.

Please suggest that your friends also sign up if you think they might benefit from this spiritual reflection.

Love and peace


One thought on “Being God’s Beloved – Announcement

  1. Cathy Nicholson says:

    Thanks so much, looking forward to reading each devotion.

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