Adrian van Breda
Pretoria, South Africa

Bio: I'm a middle-aged South African living in Centurion (between Johannesburg and Pretoria). I'm married and have one child - an 18 year old son. I teach social work at the University of Johannesburg - my professional background is in clinical social work, and I also have a degree in theology. I love working with people - my students are my heart. I gave life to Christ in 1984. My spiritual journey since then has led me through a couple of different church denominations and for the past 19 years I've been a member of a small, diverse Anglican community church. I have been a lay preacher at my church for 10+ years. I also play the piano, sing, lead a home group and serve in the sanctuary. It's almost always a pleasure to serve God's people in God's world. I have, over the years, come to develop a deep awareness of God's huge, extravagant, risk-taking love for humanity, for me, for you. As that has happened, my sense of God's greatness has also grown - God is so much bigger, more generous, more embracing than we realise. And this is the main driving force behind my preaching and teaching. I want people (me too!) to know and experience God's warm, open-hearted, all-encompassing, generous, forgiving, accepting, healing, transforming, boundary-crossing love.

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